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Veggie Spring Rolls

Veggie Spring Roll


veggie spring roll
carrot avocado cucumber green leaf lettuce and rice paper topped with Thai chili sauce
Category: Standard Roll
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Veggie Spring Roll Description: The veggie spring roll is a nice refreshing roll made with carrots, avocado, cucumber and green leaf lettuce wrapped in a nice rice paper.  Great for vegetarian or vegans or if you just want something a little lighter.  I love the Thai chili sauce too and it gives it a little kick that’s great!

Takashi of Salt Lake City One of the Best in the Country

Takashi best sushi restaurant

Takashi best sushi restaurant

Last year Travel and Leasure Magazine voted Takashi of Salt Lake City one of the best sushi bars in the entire US.  We’ve taken a lot of flack over the years about not having great food in Utah because we so far away from the freshest sushi, but I have eaten sushi in other states and think we have some dang good sushi here in Salt Lake City and other cities around Utah.

“There’s a constant buzz in Salt Lake City’s top sushi restaurant, Takashi. But a brief moment of silence isn’t far away when items like a roll of salmon and albacore drizzled with a special hot sauce or stellar pieces of thinly sliced scallops appear on the table. Chef Takashi Gibo pays attention to every detail, from the stylish décor in this boxy restaurant to the Tokyo-quality fish. The authentic flavors also take a creative turn when Gibo adds touches to dishes like the Caribbean Roll of yellowtail and fresh mango spiked with hints of chiles. The extensive selection of sake is also worth checking out.”


Rainbow Sushi Roll

Tina Lin Sushi Chef at Asian Panda in Orem Utah


At Utah Sushi Roll we love sushi and are interested in everything about it including those masters who make sushi for everyone to enjoy each day. That is why we are seeking to get interviews with sushi chefs here in Utah. Our first interview is with Mrs. Tina Lin who is a sushi chef at the Asian Panda in Orem Utah.

USR: What is your name?
Tina: Xiu Qin Lin, but most people call me Tina.

USR: Where are you from?
Tina: China.

USR: Where did you train to be a sushi chef?
Tina: In Park City under Master Sushi Chef Jin when I worked at Ahh Sushi.

USR: How long have you been a sushi chef?
Tina: About 8 years now.

USR: When did you move to Utah?
Tina: In 2002.

USR: Why did you move to Utah?
Tina: My husband had a job in Park City, and thought it would be a great place to raise my son, 12 at the time, since it is so beautiful and peaceful.

USR: What do you like most about Utah?
Tina: The people, almost everyone I meet is very friendly and wonderful.

USR: What is your favorite sushi roll, nigiri and sashimi dish (to eat)?
Tina: The Vegas Roll.

USR: What are your favorite dishes to make?
Tina: Rainbow Roll. It is more time consuming, but it’s visually pleasing when it is finished.

USR: Why do you like making sushi?
Tina: Because it is delicate work, and I pride myself over my ability to make them.

USR: What style sushi do you make, traditional, fusion, etc.?
Tina: I would say it’s more fusion due to the nature of the restaurant.

USR: When you’re not eating sushi, what types of food do you like?
Tina: Chinese food. Could you have guessed? Haha…

USR: What makes your restaurant unique, what are you known for?
Tina: Our price to the quality and quantity of food. Large portions of Chinese food, and sushi is buy one get one free, how do you beat that?

USR: What is something you wish people knew more about sushi?
Tina: To those people who haven’t tried it or think it’s gross, just try it from the bottom up, go from Tempura Shrimp roll, to California roll and slowly make your way up to actual raw fish.

USR: Tell us something about you, anything you want?
Tina: I would like to retire back in China one day, it’s home.

Utah Sushi Roll would like to thank the Asian Panda and Tina for taking the time to speak with us and show of some of her amazing sushi skills.  Everyone stop by and say hi to Tina and have her make some great sushi just for you!

Tina’s Rainbow and Playboy Roll

Playboy Sushi Roll

Playboy Roll


Playboy Roll
tempura shrimp tuna avocado cucumber with tobiko spicy mayo and sweet eel sauce
Category: Specialty Roll
Level: Beginner

Playboy Roll Description: The Playboy Roll is a great bigger roll and usually a favorite of a lot of people.  The combination of the tempura shrimp, tuna, avocado and cucumber with the sauces make it a delicious roll you’ll love over and over again.

Tiger Eye Roll

Tiger Eye Roll


Tiger Eye Roll
smoked Salmon cream cheese soypaper fied snow crab masago eel sauce and creamy sauce
Category: Specialty Roll
Level: Beginner

Tiger Eye Roll Description: The Tiger Eye Roll is a very tasty roll and I enjoyed it a lot.  If you like salmon and snow crab, who doesn’t, you’ll love this roll.  Mix those tasty ingredients with a sweet eel sauce and a creamy sauce and this is a delight.

Fire Dragon Roll

Fire Dragon Roll


Fire Dragon Roll
tempura shrimp cream cheese avocado tobiko and eel sauce
Category: Specialty Roll
Level: Beginner

Fire Dragon Roll Description: The Fire Dragon roll is a good tasting roll, especially for beginners as it’s mostly fried shrimp and cream cheese.  It’s not really a lot of fire so it’s not too hot.

Some of Our Favorite Sushi Restaurant Reviews in Utah

Sushi Rock Roll

Sushi Rock Roll

There are a lot of choices when dining out for sushi in Utah, and we’ve taken the time to write down a few of our favorites that we’ve reviewed here in Utah.  A number of our favorites are in the smaller towns.  For example Sushi Monster in Farmington Utah is one of our favorites.  It’s hard to beat them when it comes to freshness and quality of food.  There rolls always taste so fresh and you can actually taste the different ingredients when others rolls are just a mush of soggy flavors.

Naked Fish just is a classy sushi restaurant with the highest quality of service and taste. You can’t go wrong when dining there.

It’s hard to say why we love New Akasaka, but they have speedy and friendly service with great tasting sushi.  We’ve never had a bad roll there and with their 2 for 1 rolls it’s hard not to keep going back.

Of course we’re just getting started here and will continue to update our list as we’re able to try new restaurants and new sushi, nigir and sashimi.  We can’t wait!

  1. Sushi Monster -Farmington
  2. Naked Fish Japanese Bistro -Salt Lake City
  3. New Akasaka Sushi -Salt Lake City
  4. Mikado -Bountiful
  5. Simply Sushi -Salt Lake City
  6. Asian Panda -Orem
  7. Tony’s Grill and Sushi Bar -Layton
  8. Ichiban Sushi & Asian Grill -Salt Lake City
  9. Red Ginger Bistro -Salt Lake City
  10. Sushi Yah -Cottonwood Heights
  11. China Fortune -Layton
  12. Kobe Sushi -Salt Lake City
  13. Fuji Sushi -Centerville
  14. Asian Buffet -Layton