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Orange Cali Roll

Orange Cali Roll


orange cali roll
Crab, cucumber & avocado topped with orange masago

Category: Specialty Roll
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Orange Cali Roll Description: This is a beginner roll.  If you like the typical California roll and don’t mind the taste of masago which is typically pretty bland you’ll like this roll.  Colorful with simple taste.

Maui Wowi Sushi Roll

Maui Wowi Roll


maui wowi roll
Seared tuna, mango & avocado topped w/ tempura crunchies

Category: Specialty Roll
Level: Intermediate

Maui Wowi Roll Description: This is a nice little roll.  Seared tuna with a taste of mango and topped with avocado and tasty tempura crunchies.


Rangoon Pastry Roll


rangoon pastry roll
Cooked Salmon, Shrimp, Cream Cheese in a Pastry Shell

Category: Specialty Roll
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Recipe: Crab Rangoon Recipe

Rangoon Pastry Roll Description: This is a little bite of heaven.  If you’re a cream cheese lover this is the one for you.  It’s a mouth full of hot cream cheese smothering bits of salmon and shrimp.  It’s simply delicious and I dream about this one sometimes.  This seems to be a specialty of Simply Sushi as I’ve not seen it at other sushi restaurants or sushi bars.


Elvis Hand Roll


Elvis hand roll
Crystal Shrimp, Crab and Sweet Sauce

Category: Specialty Rolls / Hand Rolls
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Elvis Hand Roll Description: This is a nice treat if you like hand rolls.  If you’re not a fan of the nori or seaweed they use to make rolls then you’ll want to avoid the hand rolls as they are made with a large sheet of nori like an ice cream cone.  If however you do like hand rolls then this is a tasty one with crystal shrimp, crab and a wonderful sweet sauce.


Buddha Long Roll


Buddha long roll
Avocado, Red Pepper and Cucumber

Category: Specialty Rolls
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Buddha Long Roll Description: This is a great vegetarian roll with avocado, red peppers and cucumber.  The red peppers give the roll a different crunch that you may not be used to.


Simply Tuna -Nigiri


simply tuna nigiri
tuna seared or raw

Category: Nigiri
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Simply Tuna Description: This is a very tasty bit of nigiri and one of the most popular.  It is quite popular and delicious.


Simply Sushi Long Roll


simply sushi long roll
crystal shrimp, cooked scallops, crab with sweet sauce

Category: Specialty Roll
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Simply Sushi Long Roll Description: This is a very tasty roll especially for beginners as it has tempura shrimp and all cooked ingredients and a sweet sauce.


King Kong Tempura Roll


king kong tempura roll
tempura shrimp crab cream cheese with a sweet Sauce

Category: Specialty Roll
Level: Beginner/Intermediate

King Kong Tempura Roll Description: This is a very tasty roll especially for beginners as it has tempura shrimp and all cooked ingredients.

Planet Sushi in Miami Florida

Spider Roll

Spider Roll

I know it’s not a Utah Sushi restaurant but I just came across the Planet Sushi website in Miami Florida and you’ve got to check out their menu to see some of the fabulous sushi they are making.  They have a great menu and a real flare that makes their sushi stand out.

Here’s a little bit about them, “Planet Sushi Miami is a modern Japanese restaurant group known for its ample portions and striking designs. Started in 1998 by Siben N’Ser, a french entrepreneur, the group has now 26 restaurants, 42 under development, 680 employee, 280 scooters for delivery and more than 250 products on the menu. Planet Sushi serves inventive Japanese cuisine ranging from sushi, sashimi and creative fusion food to signature dishes like maki foie gras, maki slim, red slim, smoki, jb tempura, tartares, specialty rolls. Planet Sushi also provides delivery and catering services, private rooms and lounges, outdoor dining spaces and a vibrant bar scene.”

Take a look at the Planet Sushi Menu.

Seaside Roll

Seaside Roll


seaside roll
tuna imitation crab meat tempura shrimp avocado asparagus wrapped in soy paper and topped w/sweet sauce

Category: Specialty Roll
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Seaside Roll Description: This is a very tasty roll full of beautiful seafood and vegetables.  Tuna, crab, shrimp mixed with avocado, asparagus all wrapped in soy paper and topped off with sweet sauce makes for a wonderfully tasting sushi roll.