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Hot Dog Roll at Sushi Monster

Hot Dog Roll


hot dog roll
rice spicy tuna salmon white tuna soy paper crab tempura crunchies salad avocado salmon mango with spicy mayo and massago

Category: Specialty Roll
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Hog Dog Roll Description: This masterpiece of amazing sushi is not on the menu, but if you know about it you can and should order it.  Seriously one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth.  It’s as beautiful as it is tasty.  It’s more like sushi lasagna or a sushi lady finger.  Instead of being rolled it’s horizontal layers of yummy.  It starts with rice and tempura crunchies, then a layer of spicy tuna, layer of salmon, layer of white tuna then a layer of soy paper followed by crab salad, avocado another slice of salmon and mango topped off with avocado with a spicy mayo sauce and massago.

Salt Lake City Asian Specialty and Grocery Stores

Asian Specialty Foods & Asian Grocery Stores


While we do love sushi we love all different types of Asian foods and what’s more fun than trying to cook some of these amazing dishes yourself.  In order to do that we thought we’d provide some links to some great Asian grocery stores here in and around Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Southeast Market
  • Salt Lake City Chinatown  – Utah’s largest Asian Markets
    measuring 30,000 square feet. “Continuning with our commitment to provide authenticity and the unique beauties of Asian Cultures the supermarket offers high-quality live seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables that are very much a part of the traditional Asian kitchen The average Utha shopper will not only find great foods and dry goods but also grand variety of never-before-seen Asian products.
  • Japan Sage Market
  • Kim Long Supermarket -The store is a foodies paradise. The coolers are filled with fresh seafood like squid, shrimp and whole red snapper. The shelves are loaded with authentic noddles, Kim Chi, homemade banana cakes, an assortment of candies like pocky, a thin cookie sticks dipped in chocolate.
  • Hong Phat