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Mango Chicken Yakitori


A great dinner out at Mikado in Bountiful.  They are a standard in the state that you can count on for consistent quality, friendliness and service.

If you’re so inclined and like chicken and mango cooked in a little bit of heaven we suggest the Mango Chicken Yakitori.  It’s tempura fried chicken skewers with sweet mango teriyaki sauce.  It goes great if your out to it and someone’s just learning to like sushi or if they are just along for the ride so you can enjoy the sushi.  No matter the occasion it tastes great!



Dynamo Roll


Dynamo roll
Tuna, avocado, cucumber, and spicy, mayo inside, topped with tempura, crunchies, eel sauce, and spicy Thai sauce

Category: Specialty Roll
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Dynamo Roll Description: This is another great tasting roll from Mikado.  The crunchies and spicy mayo make for a wonderful crunchy taste.


Ichi Roll


Ichi roll
crab salad and Japanese cucumber, wrapped with fresh salmon, lemon and ponzu sauce

Category: Specialty Roll
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Ichi Roll Description: This is a great tasting roll, the lemon and ponzu sauce make a perfect topping for the salmon.  Excellent roll.