About Utah Sushi Roll

Utah Sushi Roll’s mission is two fold;

  1. Help the sushi fans experience more sushi.
    Part of this is to help those new to sushi find out that not all sushi is raw fish and that the sound of raw fish is actually way worse than it actually tastes.  People have this misconception that raw fish is this slimy gross fatty glob when in all actuality there are many sushi rolls without ANY raw fish and a lot of the rolls with raw fish taste wonderful and you’d be hard-pressed to pick-out the meat from the other wonderful ingredients.
  2. Help sushi restaurants & chefs reach their customers.
    Just as we want to introduce sushi to new people and help those who love sushi find new sushi restaurants we want to help sushi restaurants share their menus and show what’s unique and special about their restaurant.
The Fans

We have a three-tiered rating system that serves as a guide to sushi and help you find sushi that’s just right for you.

Advanced -The Sushi Lover knows the difference between a California Roll and a Las Vegas or Utah Mountain Roll.
They’ve tried the seawead salad and Edamame before they chow down on Yellowtail Nigiri.

Intermediate -They have tried a California roll and want to experience new flavors and are ready to take the ‘next’ step.

Beginner -They have never really tried Sushi but have heard their friends talk about it. They haven’t yet experienced
the crispness of a California Crunch Roll, tried Spicy Tuna or the sweet burn of Wasabi and the clensing of Ginger Root.

The Restaurants & Chefs

We also want to be an advocate for Sushi restaurant owners and getting their amazing menu’s out to those wanting to experience them.
We want to help restaurants better serve their loyal customers and promote sushi here in Utah.
If you would like to advertise, help promote your site, enhance your identity and branding we can help.


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