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Japanese Restaurants in Salt Lake City

Rice Basil Asian Cuisine & Sushi Bar


Address: 2335 E. Murray Holladay Road, Holladay, Utah
Phone: (801) 278-8682
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Teriyak


Blue Fin -Sushi Restaurant

Blue Fin


Address: 3245 S State St
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Phone: (801) 468-1777
Website bluefin
Cuisine: Sushi, Steakhouse, Korean


Blue Fin is located on 3245 s State Street. They offer great sushi, Japanese cuisine, and Korean grill. They feature daily lunch specials including 50% sushi rolls. You can find them next to the Century 16 theater on State Street.


Take a look at their extensive and highly creative menus.

Blue Fin Sushi in Salt Lake City, Utah has some great specialty rolls with creative and intriguing names.  Their specialty rolls are far from the common and they have a wide selection.  Just take a look at a few of the most interesting ones with a distinctive Utah flare.

  • Dragon – crab avocado spicy tuna shrimp and fish roe.
  • Geisha – tuna salmon yellow tail avocado lemon wrapped in cucumber and ponzu sauce.
  • Honeymoon -mango salmon cilantro with jalapeno and ponzu sauce.
  • I Roll -cucumber avocado asparagus sprouts spicy crab eel sauce and fish roe.
  • 02 -salmon yellow tail lemon topped with spicy scallops.
  • Prozac -shrimp tempura eel tuna sprouts with eel sauce.
  • Volcano -eel steamed asparagus tuna avocado spicy aioli eel sauce fish roe and macadamia nuts
  • Alta – crab squid tempura tuna yellow tail avocado eel sauce and scallions
  • Flamingo -shrimp tempura avocado fish roe sprout wrapped in soy paper.
  • Avalanche – crab cucumber avocado with spicy aioli salmon and jalapeno.
  • Crazy -spicy tuna crunch avocado  salmon spicy aioli
  • Sensei -shrimp tempura avocado cucumber tuna salmon white fish spicy crab eel sauce and fish roe.
  • Snowbird -mango cilantro yellow tail escolar fish roe and ponzu.
  • Typhoon -albacore cucumber yellow tail ginger scallion and ponzu.
  • Monster -steamed asparagus cucumber avocado spicy tuna eel sauce and crunch
  • Ute -shrimp tempura crab topped salmon green onion ponzu and spicy aioli.
  • Wasatch -yellow tail salmon avocado fish roe orange sauce and eel sauce