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Mikado’s Secret Menu


Mikado sushi restaurant has a secret menu…shhhhhh!  Mikado is an oasis for sushi lovers in the Davis County area.  While there are a number of great sushi restaurants in the Salt Lake Valley they are fewer and farther in-between once you start heading north.  Mikado’s in Bountiful is one of the better sushi restaurants you’ll encounter and to my knowledge the only one in Bountiful.

Mikado’s is also great as they have good food for those who want something more or different than sushi.  I can bring my non-sushi loving family along and they can get something like the Mango Chicken Yakitori and we’re all fat an happy!

Many restaurants do this, we’ve all heard about the famed In-and-Out Burger secret menu, so if you’re a sushi lover and want to try something new head on down and try one of the Mikado secret menu sushi rolls.

Mikado’s Secret Menu

Hot Rod
Panko fried shrimp, cilantro, avocado, cream cheese, sriracha and unagi sauces.  Wrapped in mame nori.  Rolled in tempura crunchies and topped with escolar and wasabi mayo.

Shrimp tempura and spicy mayo.  Topped with crab salad, avocado, unagi and unagi sauce.

Panko shrimp, tempura asparagus and spicy mayo inside.  Topped with salmon, tuna, unagi sauce, wasabi mayo, sriracha and tobiko.

Panko fried tilapia, cilantro, avocado, and mint leaves soaked in tequila.  Topped with Hamachi, lime and spicy mayo.

Panko fried talapia, tempura asparagus, sriracha sauce, Escolar and avocado on top.  Dressed with Ivonne Sauce (cucumber, wasabi mayo, lime sauce and shallot onions). View

Orange Sunset
Spicy tuna, cilantro, asparagus and avocado.  Topped with albacore and orange.  Served in a bed of jalapeno sauce.

Strawberry Passion
Panko fried tilapia, avocado, cilantro, kaiware, and mango salsa.  Wrapped in mame nori.  Topped with escolar, strawberries, cream cheese and mango salsa.

Summer Sizzle
Talapia, crab salad, avocado, cilantro and kaiware.  Wrapped in mame nori.  Topped with tna, mango, strawberries, sriracha and unagi sauce.

Spicy tuna, chachimi togareshi, cucumber, habenjero.  Topped with avocado and maguro.  Dressed with spicy oil, sriracha, unagi sauce and ponzu sauce.

Crab salad, cilantro, fried asparagus, sriracha, cucumber and panko shrimp.  Topped with salmon, tuna, green onion, unagi sauce, tobiko, avocado and basil oil.

Ingredients Dictionary

Panko – is a variety of flaky bread crumb used in Japanese cuisine as a crunchy coating for fried foods

Mame nori -Mamenori, or soybean paper, also referred to as mame-nori-san, are thin wrappers used as a substitute for nori.

Chachimi togareshi – See