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Tina Lin Sushi Chef at Asian Panda in Orem Utah


At Utah Sushi Roll we love sushi and are interested in everything about it including those masters who make sushi for everyone to enjoy each day. That is why we are seeking to get interviews with sushi chefs here in Utah. Our first interview is with Mrs. Tina Lin who is a sushi chef at the Asian Panda in Orem Utah.

USR: What is your name?
Tina: Xiu Qin Lin, but most people call me Tina.

USR: Where are you from?
Tina: China.

USR: Where did you train to be a sushi chef?
Tina: In Park City under Master Sushi Chef Jin when I worked at Ahh Sushi.

USR: How long have you been a sushi chef?
Tina: About 8 years now.

USR: When did you move to Utah?
Tina: In 2002.

USR: Why did you move to Utah?
Tina: My husband had a job in Park City, and thought it would be a great place to raise my son, 12 at the time, since it is so beautiful and peaceful.

USR: What do you like most about Utah?
Tina: The people, almost everyone I meet is very friendly and wonderful.

USR: What is your favorite sushi roll, nigiri and sashimi dish (to eat)?
Tina: The Vegas Roll.

USR: What are your favorite dishes to make?
Tina: Rainbow Roll. It is more time consuming, but it’s visually pleasing when it is finished.

USR: Why do you like making sushi?
Tina: Because it is delicate work, and I pride myself over my ability to make them.

USR: What style sushi do you make, traditional, fusion, etc.?
Tina: I would say it’s more fusion due to the nature of the restaurant.

USR: When you’re not eating sushi, what types of food do you like?
Tina: Chinese food. Could you have guessed? Haha…

USR: What makes your restaurant unique, what are you known for?
Tina: Our price to the quality and quantity of food. Large portions of Chinese food, and sushi is buy one get one free, how do you beat that?

USR: What is something you wish people knew more about sushi?
Tina: To those people who haven’t tried it or think it’s gross, just try it from the bottom up, go from Tempura Shrimp roll, to California roll and slowly make your way up to actual raw fish.

USR: Tell us something about you, anything you want?
Tina: I would like to retire back in China one day, it’s home.

Utah Sushi Roll would like to thank the Asian Panda and Tina for taking the time to speak with us and show of some of her amazing sushi skills.  Everyone stop by and say hi to Tina and have her make some great sushi just for you!

Tina’s Rainbow and Playboy Roll