Utah Sushi RollDinner at Mikado


It was a momentous occasion the other night. Not only was I celebrating a birthday with dinner out at a sushi restaurant with my family, it was my oldest son’s first real trip out for sushi.

If I can get a thirteen year old who has historically been a picky eater to try sushi and like it I think I’ve helped spread the joy of sushi to another person in the world. I think he actually ate more than I did which is no easy task.

I knew it was his first time so I wanted to play it safe with some standard rolls including a Playboy, Vegas and Tempura Crunch Roll. To our surprise he didn’t even bat an eye at eating the raw fish in and on the rolls. I think I’ve found a new sushi buddy, I’m so happy.

My youngest son ordered the mac and cheese bento box, so my work is not done…he said with a twinkle in his eye.

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