Utah Sushi RollMikado Bountiful


Address: 255 N 500 W Bountiful, UT 84010
Website: http://www.mikadoutah.com/
Phone: (801) 294-4711
Cuisine: Sushi, Japanese, Asian
Menu: Lunch - Dinner

Utah Sushi Roll Expert Review:
Our expert reviews take into account four factors: food quality, cleanliness of location, service and price. Ratings are on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 being outstanding. Our rating for this Restaurant is as follows:

Overall Rating: 3.6
Mikado is a fairly high quality sushi restaurant in Bountiful Utah that provides a good meal for a good price.  The service is friendly and the environment is clean. Meals can occasionally be just average, but overall, you can expect to enjoy some good food.

Food Quality: 3.5
Food at Mikado is consistently good.  If average sushi is slightly fishy flavored, then Mikado would be listed as above average–but not the very best.  Some meals at Mikado can be delicious, while the same meal ordered at a later time can occasionally be less fresh.  We will usually try an rainbow roll at most locations as it is a specialty roll with a lot of fish on it.  Mikado Bountiful’s rainbow was delicious and fresh and left little to be desired.

Cleanliness: 4
Mikado is certainly a well-maintained business and is always neat and tidy.  The atmosphere is calm and inviting.

Service: 3.5
Usually waiters are friendly, helpful and prompt.  The few times we have eaten here where service has been less than ideal, it has really been awful.  Thankfully for Mikado, these experiences with poor service are rare.  Unfortunately a bad experience brings down the overall rating!

Price: 3.5
Prices for sushi at Mikado are quite reasonable depending on what is ordered.  There is certainly room in the menu to be economical and chose rolls that are less expensive, or to go for the higher priced specialty rolls and re-finance your home loan to be able afford it.  Mikado does often times provide ‘Happy Hour’ specials which are offered at a significant discount.  These specials are for good quality rolls and are a great way to try new flavors.  Overall, we would rate the prices at mikado as slightly better than average.


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