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10 Reasons to Advertise on Utah Sushi Roll

  1. Utah Sushi Roll focuses only on sushi.  Other directory or listing sites like Urban Spoon, Yelp or City Search advertise other types of food and many times you get ads for other types of food and not sushi. Utah Sushi Roll is an official roll of all the sushi restaurants in Utah.
  2. Utah Sushi Roll is only in Utah.  Utah Sushi Rolls reviews mean we have actually been in the restaurants we list and review.  We live in Utah and we eat here.
  3. People who come to our site are searching for sushi restaurants.  Unlike many other sites, people that come to our site are looking for Sushi.  Our visitors are focused on one thing, that’s sushi!
  4. Full sushi restaurant experience.  Our reviews feature pictures of the restaurant, contact information, information about the restaurant, a review by experienced sushi fans, and a photo and video gallery.
  5. Custom menus.  One of the most difficult situations is for a new or even somewhat experienced sushi eater to navigate a restaurant.  Our custom, hi-tech online menu’s provide complete details about the sushi offerings for desktop and mobile devices.
  6. Cost.  Our cost is a fraction of what you might pay for other advertising methods.
  7. Technology Experts.  Not only are we huge fans of sushi, but we are experienced business and technology experts.  We’ve made Utah Sushi Roll rank at the top of Google and other search engines and we can help your restaurant do the same thing.  Just try searching for “Utah Sushi Restaurants” and you’ll see we rank first.
  8. Social Media Integration. We are also highly experienced with social media from Facebook and Twitter to Google Plus, Youtube, Flickr and Instagram to help you reach customers in new locations.
  9. Web Design and Development Experts.  Our web and media designers are award winning and have worked with some of the biggest companies in Utah to create amazing advertising campaigns and product designs.
  10. We are growing.  Each day our number of hits/visits are growing as more and more people learn about Utah Sushi Roll.  We have had people visiting from 79countries and 49 states and 43 cities in Utah.  People visit on average 6 pages and spend over 7 minutes on our site learning about sushi and discovering sushi restaurants.

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Help Promote My Business
If you are a restaurant owner or sushi chef and you would like help promoting your business or website by creating or redesigning your brand we have the experience and tools to help you.

  • Identity & Branding -Logo, print and web design
  • Web Site Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -to help you rank higher in Google and Bing!
  • Social Media Integration -Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and More!
  • Physical Design

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