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Davis County Sushi Restaurants

Happy Hashi


Address: 630 West Ring Rd.
Layton, UT 84041
Phone: (801) 779-0204
Website: happyhashi.com
Cuisine: Japanese, Steakhouse, Sushi

Utah Sushi Roll Expert Review:
Our expert reviews take into account four factors: food quality, cleanliness of location, service and price. Ratings are on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 being outstanding. Our rating for this Restaurant is as follows:
Overall Rating: 3
Happi Hashi looks like a great place to get some sushi and Hibachi grilled food.  I’ve only been for the sushi thus far for lunch and it was a typical sushi experience.  There were some nice rolls and I enjoyed the flavors.
Quality: 3
The smell and taste of the sushi was a little fishy but it went down just fine.
Cleanliness: 3
The restaurant seems rather dated but with some nice decorations.  Nothing jumped out at me but it seems like a nice established restaurant that has been around for a while.
Service: 3
The service wasn’t great.  It took 3-4 minutes before anyone greeted us and they weren’t overly friendly.  Have to try them again to see if I  have the same experience.
Price: 3
The price is typical for a sushi bar. I didn’t see any specials or anything that seemed like a discount.

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