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Salt Lake City Sushi Restaurants

By far the largest concentration of sushi restaurants in Utah is in Salt Lake. It only makes sense because Salt Lake is so large, but we have everything from traditional sushi restaurants to fusion sushi and even sushi in our grocery stores and from the back of a truck.

Sushi is no longer a fringe food that only the most modern eat.  When we have sushi restaurants in small Utah towns like Farmington and Pleasant Grove then you know it’s reach is growing.  Thousands of people are brave enough to try “raw fish” and are delighted to find out that it tastes so much better than what they thought.  For some reason people have images in their minds of Gollum tearing into a raw fish.  What I generally tell people is that it’s nothing like that and unless you are ordering sashimi, nigiri or some particularly heavy fish roll, it’s difficult to even determine what your tasting as the raw fish part.  Most sushi rolls are made so well that you don’t taste any one individual flavor or ingredient.  when sushi is done right you get a mixing of the flavors that is somehow better than all the individual pieces.

Not only is it delicious to taste, but most times it is visually pleasing as well, made with so many colors and textures that it’s like a firework display.  Vibrant reds, oranges, greens, pinks and more all explode in a wonderful flavor in your mouth. Another thing I like about eating sushi is that it can be almost ceremonial.  Instead of unwrapping a greasy burger you have a dish that was hand-made just for you with the freshest ingredients.  It is presented with fancy dishes and there are multiple steps to eat it from taking it from the serving dish applying soy sauce if desired and necessary and partaking with chop sticks.  All this is so much for civilized than chowing down on a burger or ribs.  Don’t get me wrong, I love those foods as well, but with sushi you take your time and can share the experience with friends.  It’s just a fun formal experience.

In order to have such great sushi restaurants all over Salt Lake City we need to have fish companies that provide sushi grade fish fresh daily.  Aquarius Fish Co. is one of those companies that offer a wide assortment of fish and a nice little recipe for sushi and fish dishes as well. You can get everything from Catfish to Chilean Seabass to Maine Lobster Tails fresh daily.

According to Aquarius,”Omega 3. Oily fish, such as herring, mackeral, salmon and bluefish, are one of the few nutritional sources of Omega-e polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help prevent heart disease and strokes and may help prevent some cancers and help minimize the symptoms of arthritis.”

So whether you want to try your own hand at making sushi, just want a good fillet of fish to make at home or wonder how all the great sushi restaurants in Salt Lake City and around Utah get their fresh sushi grade fish, now you know.

We also have some great sushi chefs in Utah like Lehi’s Jonas Otsuji.  From his own site the Sushi Surfer we learn that he is “a fourth-generation Japanese American born in Hawaii, prides himself in the art of making sushi and creating unique Japanese inspired dishes.  Jonas got his start as a child learning to cook Japanese cuisine at the age of 6 from his grandmother, Fumie Otsuji.  Chef Otsuji apprenticed at the #1 rated sushi bar in Las Vegas, Sushi Roku.  He went on to work at a number of sushi bars on the west coast learning new skills and techniques from each one.  One of his most influential teachers was Master Sushi Chef Kunio Jimbo.  “Chef Jimbo was so free with his knowledge and took the time to explain things in great detail.  This inspired me to teach others.”  Chef Otsuji has paid it forward by teaching sushi classes at some of the most respected culinary schools in Utah.”

For a complete list of sushi restaurants in Salt Lake City Utah and other cities check out our official Utah Sushi Roll.

Currently here are the highest rated sushi restaurants in Salt Lake county.

  1. Takashi
  2. Naked Fish Japanese Bistro
  3. Ichiban Sushi and Japanese Cuisine


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