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Utah Sushi RollTsunami Union Heights


7628 S. Union Park Ave. (1300 E.)
Midvale, UT

Phone: (801) 676-6466
Fax: (801) 676-6468
Email: unionheights@tsunamiutah.com

Cuisine: Sushi, Japanese
Website: tsunamiutah.com


Utah Sushi Roll Expert Review:
Our expert reviews take into account four factors: food quality, cleanliness of location, service and price. Ratings are on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 being outstanding. Our rating for this Restaurant is as follows:

Overall Rating: 3.8
Stopped by for a nice lunch for my first visit to Tsunami at Union Heights and I was pleasantly surprised.  I’ve heard a lot about Tsunami over the years but have not had the chance to sample their sushi thus far.  I have to say the restaurant lived up to the hype.  The quality of the food, service and price are all spot on.  I made sure to get a VIP card as I’ll be back again…soon!

Quality: 4.5
The quality of sushi at Tsunami is a step above the rest to be honest.   Even on a simple roll the quality of the ingredients and preparation were top notch.  The combination of ingredients created some distinct and tantalizing flavors in my mouth.

Cleanliness: 4
The restaurant is in a fairly new area and the inside is nicely decorated and everything seemed very clean.  It’s a high-class establishment.  No small stoves and tinfoil hanging off the shelf here.  Very tidy and pleasant to sit down and enjoy some sushi.

Service: 3.5
The service was great.  I had a new waiter that was being trained but they were very attentive and my glass was never empty.  Service was great and I didn’t want for anything.

Price: 3.5
For a higher end sushi restaurant I would have expected the prices to be much higher.  Tsunami has been able to bring a quality product to their customers with some personal touches at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

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