3 thoughts on “Best Sushi Restaurant in Utah Awards

  1. Ryan

    Koi in American Fork has some amazing sushi rolls. Many of which rivaled the sushi bars and restaurants I attended during my time spent in San Francisco.

    For all you can eat I enjoy sushi ya in Orem. Its a gross little restaurant but it has great sushi. My wife usually doesn’t like sushi and hasn’t like any of the other places I’ve taker her (in utah) (Sukura, shushi house, shabu shabu, etc.) BUT, she loves sushi ya.

    Great website, thanks for the info. I will have to try a few of these places.

  2. Sushi Master

    Naked fish is so good! You can substitute in brown rice if you want and most of their stuff is organic. It’s delicious! My wife doesn’t like sushi, but she LOVES their veggie roll and she gushes about their salads. They put honey on them! Ingenious!


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